The Wings Of Inspiration | Make IT Happen Monday-“5 Steps To Live Your Dreams In 2016!” (Episode #16)
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30 Nov Make IT Happen Monday-“5 Steps To Live Your Dreams In 2016!” (Episode #16)

In episode 16 of this “Make IT Happen Monday” podcast, CeCe McGhee, The Angel of Inspiration, is on fire to inspire you with her New Year’s theme, “Live your dreams in 2016!” This week is up to you to follow these 5 steps to living your dreams on purpose! If you can dream IT, you can make IT happen! Download, listen and share this podcast with others at

Mark your calendar for February 14, the release of my new book, “Daily Faith Lifts: 90-Day Devotional (Volume 1),” one of my dreams I’m living in 2016!

Music Credit: Patrick Crawford of the “Under Production Company!” Patrick is ready to produce your next theme, song, jingle, imaging, branding and more! Reach Patrick below:

Facebook: Under Production Company

Twitter: PattraxEnt

YouTube: Pat Trax

Also, tune in to CeCe McGhee every Monday on AirPlay 360 LIVE at 8am, 12pm and 4pm (EST) for “Make IT Happen Monday!” Download the mobile out now for 24/7 inspiration!

Enjoy your inspiration on the go and have a great day, a great week and a great New Year on purpose!

-CeCe McGhee, The Angel of Inspiration

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