CeCe’s Soul Food-“What You Spill Reveals!”



Today’s “Soul Food” serving was inspired this morning during my quiet time spent in my daily devotional titled, “The Word for You Today.” It talked about how we can’t tell how much faith a person has just by looking at them; but we can tell how much faith a person has by what comes out of them!

Just like a bucket of water, we don’t’ know much how water is in the bucket until we bump it. We are the same way; we don’t know how much is in us until life bumps us! Tests and trials will bump us, but what spills out defines us!

  • When people bump your last nerve, do you spill out blessed words or curse words?
  • When the doctor bumps you with an unfavorable health report, do you spill out prayer or pity?
  • When unexpected things of life bump your finances, do you spill out faith or fear?
  • When life bumps your back up against a wall and you want to fall, do you spill out praise or pressure?

Get my drift? People may not know how much faith we have by looking at us; but they can tell how much faith we have by listening to us. Our actions can speak so loudly, that nobody can hear the words that are coming out of our mouths!

Remember, when life bumps you, what you spill reveals!

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