The Wings Of Inspiration | Daily Faith Lift™-“The Truth Behind Erasers!”
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26 Nov Daily Faith Lift™-“The Truth Behind Erasers!”


Today’s Daily Faith-Lift ™ is designed to remind us of the truth behind erasers!

Now that my girls are back to school, I’m organizing all of those papers that parents get the first week of school. Before throwing out their supply list, I reviewed it one last time to make sure they had what they needed. As I looked at both of their lists, I wondered why in the world did they need so many erasers! And then it hit me, “Erasers aren’t made for those who make mistakes; erasers are made for those who are willing to correct their mistakes!”

So today, I added erasers to my daily supply list and I pray that you will too! Buy and carry your daily supply of erasers daily so that you can:

  • Erase the past and write your future!
  • Erase your mess and write the message!
  • Erase the wrong and write what’s right!
  • Erase what you have failed and write what you have passed!
  • Erase the test and write your testimony!
  • Erase what you have lost and write what you have found!
  • Erase the bad and write what’s good!

Just a friendly reminder that when we erase our mistakes, let’s be willing to correct our mistakes! Remember this and have a great day on purpose in the name of Jesus!

-CeCe McGhee, The Angel of Inspiration

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