The Wings Of Inspiration | Daily Faith Lift™-“Press Towards Your Best”!
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29 Nov Daily Faith Lift™-“Press Towards Your Best”!


Today’s Daily Faith Lift is designed to remind us to press towards our best and don’t settle for anything less. When we press, we put our flesh to the test!

We have the power to press because:

  • Pressing through makes us stronger!
  • Pressing through the pressure makes our faith muscles grow!
  • Pressing past our feelings helps us to press towards God’s promises!
  • Pressing past our past is important; so we can’t allow our past to keep pulling us back like a magnet!

Just like we press to get the wrinkles out of our clothes, God allows us to be pressed to get the wrinkles out of us as well.

Remember, our job is simply to press and allow God to do the rest. After all, our Father knows best!

Have a great day on purpose!

CeCe McGhee, The Angel of Inspiration

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